Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vegan Caramel Mudcake

Come the boyfriends birthday, it was time to find the recipe for the perfect cake. A simple vegan cake to have made would have been a chocolate cake, but he is not the biggest fan. Caramel is his favourite flavour so caramel mud cake (also being my favourite cake) was the perfect idea!

Do you think I could find a recipe for a VEGAN caramel mud cake? No. So I found one that was easy to turn into a vegan one. You can see it here.

All I did to change it was use vegetable based margarine instead of butter, vegan white chocolate and the equivalent egg replacer.

But what is caramel mud cake without amazing caramel icing to go with it? So I found this recipe here (scroll down to the frosting part) and changed it up a bit as well. I used soy milk instead of the regular milk and used vegetable based margarine again instead of butter!

The result?

Apparently it tasted nice so that is the important thing!

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